Whistler Road Trip – 2013

Last year, we took Sophie on her first road trip to Whistler and had a really good time so we decided for a repeat this June.

20130625_112050Unfortunately, unlike last year when the weather was sunny, this June has been a rainy one.  But that’s nothing new considering where we live.

The trip is a pretty easy drive up the Sea to Sky Highway.  And since we’ve been here before, we weren’t too worried about getting lost.

While the direct trip is less than 2 hours, there are some places that you can stop along the way to stretch your legs (or paws).

For instance… Shannon Falls is almost exactly half way between Vancouver and Whistler.

20130625_112919_Richtone(HDR)Shannon Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in BC and there’s easily accessible viewing points in the park.

The waterfall is actually named after William Shannon who settled the area in the late 1800’s.

There’s washrooms provided in the provincial park for humans and plenty of grass for your four legged friend.

There’s even a small souvenir shop located here.

While the walk up to the first viewing point isn’t very difficult, there are some trails that you can walk up that provide a moderate challenge.

Because of the overcast weather on this day, everything looks a bit grey but it’s still a pretty impresssive sight to see.

On our last road trip, we headed straight to Whistler after Shannon Falls.  This time around, we decided to check out a few of the nearby dog parks in the area.

20130625_124017While we were able to Google some info about the dog parks near Whistler, the information was a bit limited so it was hard to tell what we were going to see when we got there.

First up is “Arfa Lake” which is a dog park located in the larger Alpha Lake Park in the Creekside neighbourhood.

When heading up the Sea to Sky Highway, you make a left onto Lake Placid Road and past by Nita Lake Lodge before you reach the parking lot.

Just a little way down the path, you’ll come to the entrance of “Arfa Lake”.

The dog park has visible signage and an open wooden fence that marks the entrance to the dog park.

There are some grassy areas and a large gravel area that dogs can play freely.

If you’re so inclined, there’s also a floating wooden pier that you can walk out onto.



North of Alpha Lake is the larger Alta Lake but the easiest way to get to the dog area at Rainbow Park is to actually head south from Alpha Lake on Hwy 99 until you get to Alta Lake Road.  The road is reminiscent of a backwater country road that you’d see people driving along in movies.  After about ten minutes, there’s a turn off to Rainbow Park and a small parking lot.


To get to the lake, you have to cross an active railroad.  There’s a fairly big beach area for humans and a much smaller area for dogs called Barking Bay.


Sophie pretty much has two power settings… 1) crazy, and 2) tuckered out.  The combination of the drive up to Whistler and playing with dogs at Arfa Lake really tired her out.  In the pictures below, you can see Sophie trying to get some rest while we’re at Whistler.  Some of the stores are dog-friendly and let Sophie inside… but who wouldn’t?  Doesn’t she look cute with her little rain jacket?



20130625_155014Whistler is bear country so you have to make sure you put all of your garbage into bear-proof bins.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of these sealed garbage bins all around Whistler.

On our visit to Whistler last year, we actually saw a bear walking along the road up to Lost Lake.

Here’s Sophie meeting up with a friendly “bear” in front of one of the shops in the village.

As it turned out, our first day in Whistler wasn’t too rainy and actually cleared up a bit in the afternoon.

The next day, we decided to hike up to Lost Lake.  Last year, we weren’t really sure if Sophie would like the lake and we only let her dip her paws into the lake.

Since then, we’ve taken Sophie to a lot of river areas around Vancouver and she always seems to like playing in the water.  She doesn’t actually go for an all out swim though and just likes to wade in and cool off.


Lost Lake is much smaller than Alta Lake but it’s a more manageable hike from the village.  Just like Alta Lake, the human beach area is much larger than the dog beach.


Here’s Sophie patiently sitting at Lost Lake Park.


Okay, not so “patiently” I suppose.  That look on her face in the picture below is her way of telling us that she wants to go to Canine Cove (the small beach area that you can see across the lake in the picture below.



20130626_121644_Richtone(HDR)Sophie was really excited to get to Canine Cove and went right for the water.

There were a couple of other dogs at the beach who were having a fun time swimming in the lake but Sophie would only wade into the lake to get her paws wet.

Still, she had lots of fun and got tuckered out after running around in circles.

She likes to try and get other dogs to chase her… the little tease.

The hike up to Lost Lake was fairly dry but the rain started to come down on the hike back.  Here’s our poor little girl all soaked from the rain.  It’s a good thing she had her rain jacket.


The hike (and the running around) must have tuckered her out as she needed to take a break when we made it back to the village.



Here’s Sophie chillin’ out back at the hotel.


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